What a day!

I just got home from the Judas Priest concert. Wooooooo! They haven’t lost anything. Well, okay, maybe some audience. Last time I saw them was in the old Myriad and the place was packed to see them on the Turbo tour. The Zoo Amphitheater had a good turnout, but not like the ’80s. Nonetheless, Priest was in fine form, ripping through their classics and sprinkling in some of the new — and inferior — tunes. They actually played “Angel,” which is probably their worst song ever. “The Green Manalishi with the Two-pronged Crown” offered some retribution. (pun intended)

They started the show with “Nostradamus” and Rob Halford rose onto an elevated part of the stage wearing a hooded silver robe and holding a staff with the Priest emblem on top. It’s not a horrible song, but it just doesn’t compare to the stuff they did before he left the band. They focused mostly on the good old days, playing several tracks off Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders of the Faith and British Steel. Turbo, Ram it Down, Point of Entry and even Sad Wings of Destiny were ignored. No “Genocide.” Halford did ride the Harley out for “Hell Bent for Leather.”

Hearing “Sentinel” was a welcome surprise. The one I was really waiting to hear was “Hellion/Electric Eye” and they played that. The biggest surprise absence was “Living After Midnight.” Overall, it was a great show. Oh, Testament and Motorhead were okay, but I’m not really a fan of either. blah, blah, blah Ace of Spades, blah, blah blah Who knows wha the hell Lemmy’s screaming about?

School started today. We had six work days before schoo, but none of the English teachers had lesson plans ready because we spent the whole freakin’ time numbering and stamping new text books and attending meetings. We had a “motivational” speaker who wasted an hour telling us about his mentally challenged kids. WTF? Anyway, it made today challenging because I didn’t have anything ready for the kids other than lists of rules. We have 80-minute classes. The last hour was pretty brutal because we went through the rules pretty fast and had a loooong time to fill. I plan to freak out my first-hour creative writing class in the morning. Speaking of which, I should get to sleep.

7 responses to “What a day!”

  1. thanks for the great review of Priest. I can’t believe they ignored all those songs. I, too, am a huge fan of Hellion/Electric Eye. I’m glad that played that one at least.
    Was the audiance all very manly Metal…? Or did you witness a little effeminent stuff since Rob’s leap from the closet. Just curious.
    Yeah… I don’t know what all the hoopla about Motorhead is… never liked them. Sounds like Priest was pretty good though. Rob could still hit those high notes?

    1. The audience was pretty manly. Lots of biker types, and a lot of them were choosing Motorhead shirts over Priest. There was one very effeminate guy, however, with a pink studded belt and pink star tattoos on his shoulder. However, he was holding hands with a girl. Really didn’t see any Boy George types.
      Rob could still hit the high notes, but he’d basically double over to do it. It was kinda weird, but he got them. His personality seems different, more distant, than back in the ’80s. He loosened up at the end, though, and interacted with the crowd more.

  2. I have a soft spot in my heart for Motorhead ’cause of their appearances on 80s British comedy THE YOUNG ONES.
    God, I loved that show.

    1. I remember The Young Ones! I don’t remember Motorhead being on there, though. Wait! Maybe I do. Man, that’s been a loooong time ago.

      1. What I remember is that they worked in the musical acts in really weird ways. Like the characters would be walking down the street and Adam Ant would be playing in an alleyway. Or they’d be playing cards in their apartment and somebody would make a comment about the ace of spades and Motorhead would be in their kitchen playing the song.
        Ah, so eighties, so British.

    1. Sweet! Man, you make me miss that show. I hadn’t even thought to look on YouTube for it, but it looks like there’s a lot of snippets there. This could take hours …

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