Girls Nobody Wanted to Date

This is Bubba. That loooong nose is always cold and wet. And usually poking at my hands, arms, legs or chin. When I sit on my bed with the laptop, Bubba seems to believe my hands should be on him instead of the computer. Sometimes he ends up slapping his big paws onto the keyboard, which makes a real mess (and sometimes tends to lock up the computer).

I went back to work today, and I guess Bubba missed me. He’s been very demanding since I got home. Just wait until tomorrow, when all the kids are back in school!

Anyway, my first readers of The Fetch gave me the idea of making that story a young adult novel, and I’ve decided to do that. Add to that the enormous success of certain books about the twilight, and my reading of

 books, and maybe the fact I’m around teenagers so much and, well … I’m wanting to write a young adult novel. I have a story idea and have outlined a few chapters, (yes, I actually outlined opening chapters, something I never do). It’s called The Girls Nobody Wanted to Date. It mixes some of the stories I’ve heard from students, exaggerated a bit (maybe a lot) and mixed with some black magic.

Don’t forget about this month’s contest.

4 responses to “Girls Nobody Wanted to Date”

  1. We need to get Tala and Bubba together.
    I can’t wait to read it.

    1. And I can’t wait to write it! I’ve been working on revisions and rewriting older stuff for too long.
      Bubba’s a real horndog. Guys are pigs, huh? Unless they’re dogs.
      I should work on a book.

  2. Love the title! Sounds like a good story:)

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