I found a few problems that cropped up when I moved my Web sites from Godaddy to WordPress. Most of the links under Free Stuff and all the Reviews were not coming up. SnapShot showed the PDF files, but when you clicked them you were sent to a WordPress page that said what you were seeking didn’t exist. Naturally, Godaddy took no responsibility, although the PDFs were hosted there and the problem didn’t occur until after they gave me a new IP address for forwarding my domain. The WordPress people couldn’t really explain it, either, but they were nicer about it.

Anyway, bottom line, all the links at The Werewolf Saga online are working now. I moved the PDFs so that they are now hosted at WordPress, which means there’s no reason for me to continue to pay Godaddy’s hosting fee.

I can’t sing the praises of WordPress enough. I love their stat tracker. Not only does it show how many people visited the site, but I can see what pages they looked at, what off-site links they clicked on, the search engine terms they used to find me and I can keep track of what pages are consistently the most popular. And it’s all free.

In other news, today is my wife’s birthday. I won’t say how old she is, but she’s a year younger than me. Happy birthday, baby!

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