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For the past couple of years I’ve been using a dedicated e-mail account to send out my electronic updates. Prior to that I used a Yahoo Group. I’ve decided to go back to the Yahoo Group. It’s just easier to manage for me, and easier for people to sign up and get off. If you were on the Yahoo Group (sewedel), you’re still there. If you were on the e-mail list (newsATstevenewedelDOTcom) you should be getting an e-mail asking you to join the Yahoo Group. If you weren’t on either list but want to be, here’s your chance.

Click here to join sewedel
Click to join sewedel

In other news, I’m EXTREMELY sad to announce I won’t be at FenCon this year. Sure, the outrageous gas prices are part of it, but more importantly, FenCon falls on the same weekend as TrickConTreat. It was a really hard decision trying to decide which con to attend, but in the end I went with TCT, partly for reasons I can’t go into yet, and partly because it’s local, and more horror themed. Gotta support the local guys, ya know.

Well, we’re about to watch “Sweeney Todd.” I don’t expect much from it.

4 responses to “FenCon & Newsletter”

  1. Good luck with Sweeney. I went into it first of all not knowing its history which, of course, lent to my “what the hell” reaction toi it being a musical. But I figured since I’m a big fan of Depp and Bon Carter (I think is her last name?) that I would enjoy it somewhat. Ended up I actually liked it a lot more than I would have guessed and was glad to have seen it. Was a great spread in Rue Morgue on it a couple of issues back, too.

    1. Sweeny
      Ugh! I hated it. I hate musicals, but I thought maybe Depp, Carter, Snape (whatever his real name is) and Tim Burton would balance it out. But no. The singing just kept me on edge. Plus, the ending was pretty predictable.
      The only live action musical I like is Grease. The Disney movies are okay (the animated ones, NOT shite like High School Musical!).

    1. Sorry to hear it sucked for you.

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