Shallow people

I saw this the other day and refrained from commenting on it, but it’s been eating at me. Chuck Berry has endorsed Barack Obama for president. Now, it isn’t surprising that someone in the entertainment industry is endorsing a Democrat for political office. But, look at the story. Read it. What issues convinced Berry to support Obama? There isn’t a single freaking issue mentioned. Berry supports Obama because of his skin color. Woohoo! Let’s elect a black man just so we can have a black president and show how far we’ve come.

That’s bullshit!

It would have been the same if Hillary Clinton was the Communist Democratic candidate. Oh, let’s elect the first vagina president.

Vote for Obama if you want, but dammit, do it because you believe in what he believes in, not just because he’s a black man. We’re talking about the most powerful position in the world. It’s too important a job to fill it with someone unqualified just because he’s the first of something.

The more I look around, the more I think Ray Bradbury had it all right in Fahrenheit 451. We’ve got our big screen TVs, reality programming with audience participation, seashells for music, and people are freakin’ shallow enough that they’d pick their leader according to how he looks. I suppose I should find a place to hide my books.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I’ll be voting for McCain, since he’s the less liberal major candidate in the race. I wanted Giuliani to be the GOP nominee. We can’t vote Libertarian in Oklahoma … and I learned my lesson about third party candidates with Ross Perot, anyway.

Race is going to be a huge issue in this election. Yeah, there’ll be people who vote against Obama just because he’s black, but it’s going to be his long association with the Trinity United Church of Christ that is going to cost him this election. Well, that and the fact that most Americans are still politically conservative.

For those who are interested, I am a Republican. I would have no problem voting for a black person or a woman if that person was the most qualified candidate. I do not always vote down party lines; in the last gubernatorial election I was very glad to vote for Democrat Brad Henry’s re-election (I would have done it even if we hadn’t had such a bad GOP candidate). I also voted Democrat for lieutenant governor.

9 responses to “Shallow people”

  1. I hear what you’re saying, Steve. If anyone even remotely considers voting based solely on gender or race, they need not look any further than Canada as an example of how fast that “politically (un)correct” decision will last in office. When Kim Campbell became the first female Prime Minister, I believe she lasted roughly half a year before she was out of office and never heard from again. If only we had lucked out and chosen someone based on gender who was actually more competent than most of the idiots/crooks that have managed to stick around and screw things up.
    Okay, that’s my political mini-rant for the year.

  2. I’ll bite.
    How many people are voting for McCain JUST because he’s white and voting against Obama, or aren’t voting at all, because he’s black? People vote for candidates for all sorts of reasons, especially people who don’t even bother to learn the issues. And how does anyone know what McCain really believes? He’s flipped and flopped on every important decision he held in 2002 (when I kind of liked him). I don’t even recognize the man anymore and honestly find his shameless pandering to the hardcore right embarrassing–but I’m not unhappy about it!
    Rick, in this country we don’t get rid of bad apples after 6 months. We’re stuck with them for a full 4 years–unless they start a war, and then were stuck with them for 8, because this country has never voted out a sitting wartime president.

    1. Sadly, you’re right. There will be people voting for McCain just because he’s white. That’s no more right than what Chuck Berry is saying.
      I’m not gonna defend McCain. I don’t like him. Never have. I say we vote for Cthulhu … Why vote for the lesser evil, eh?

      1. Cthulhu?!?!
        Steve, JOHNNY GRUESOME is running for Presiden…

        1. Dude, you gotta provide linkage to that kinda thing. I’d vote for Johnny. He runs a preservative campaign, right?

  3. Yeah, but…it’s pretty effing embarrasing that the U.S. ranks 69th in the world in terms of women in important governmental roles. I really would vote for any woman who’d be halfway decent in the job (which would still put her far ahead of our current white male leadership).

    1. I want to be reincarnated as a crippled black lesbian. Because of political correctness, I could rule the world, and have a good parking space. 😉
      So, if a competent woman ran, and you didn’t agree with her stand on your top three issues, you’d vote for her just because she’s a woman?

      1. First off, I’m not sure I have a “top three issues”, considering how many things are wrong with this country right now. Secondly, there’s never been (and will never be) a candidate who I agree with on 100% of the issues.
        Let’s put it this way: Would I vote for a woman who was anti-abortion, pro-war and anti-environment? Nope. Although I would question when she had the sex change operation…

        1. Eh, you say sex change, I say brain implant. haha 😉

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