SoonerCon 2008 Recap & Contest

It’s been a busy week. Me, the wife and the three youngest kids went down to a cabin in the Arbuckle Mountains Tuesday afternoon through Friday morning. Despite being extremely windy, it was a lot of fun. It was so windy we could only cook out once, and the patio furniture was always blowing around on the deck. We visited the Chickasaw National Park again and went to Turner Falls Park. Last time we were there Turner Falls was so full they wouldn’t let anyone else in. The funniest thing that happened was when the dog from a neighboring house stole one of my shoes and one of Jake’s. Just one each, leaving the mates on the deck. The missing shoes were later found down the road a piece. We rushed home on Friday and I went to work, prepping for summer school, which starts tomorrow, then I went for the first day of SoonerCon.

I was moderator on a panel that was supposed to be about what books should be made into films. It turned out to be a good panel, even if we were off topic most of the time.  After the panel, Oscar Ray of the Bare Bones Film Festival gave me a mini seminar on how to make a movie and how to use short films to promote my work. That alone made the con worthwhile. But then I got to meet John Ferguson, better known as Count Gregore, and got to talk to fellow Enidite Brian Young, aka Dr. Fear. Brian offered to put me on his radio show, so look for that to happen shortly after Ulrik is released. Nice people!

I came home to find a link to the art that will accompany my story “Okie Werewolf Seeks Love” in Graveside Tales’ The Beast Within anthology. You can see it here.

Now, I mentioned a contest, right? I’m looking to make another little video for The Werewolf Saga. But I need your help. I want video testimonials from you, the readers. They need to be short, as in no more than 20 seconds, and preferably in .WAV format. Remember, funny is good. Maybe even preferable. I want about five of these, so the senders of the top five videos will win a signed copy of their choice of my Werewolf Saga books. The quality doesn’t have to be great; if you have a decent cell phone camera, that’s probably good enough. The destination is YouTube, so I’m not expecting to see Lucasfilm special effects … just you saying something about the books. Or hell, it can be about me, if you want. I’m relying on your videos to determine the overall direction and tone of the final product. You can e-mail your entries to me at author (at) stevenewedel (dot) com. I’m going to set a deadline of July 4 on this, which should give me time to put the video together just about the time Ulrik is released. This is advertisement, so in your e-mail I need you to state that I have your permission to use your video and your image for advertising purposes. If you’re under 18, I’ll need your parent’s permission.

3 responses to “SoonerCon 2008 Recap & Contest”

  1. Cool to see that artist Bret Jordan was assigned to illustrate your story. It looks good. I haven’t seen the art for my story yet, but I was told who received it and I can’t wait to see the end result.

  2. Let us know when we can see it. Hopefully before the book’s out … which I guess is getting pretty close.

    1. I’ll post the illustration on my blog as soon as I see it, if it’s available before the book is out. I wish I knew when that was going to be…

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