Promoting the Italianos

It’s not often people get to have four babies in about a month’s time. However, Marcy and G Italiano just do things differently. (They’re Canadian, ya know.) As I write this, Marcy is relaxing (ha!) in a hospital bed, enjoying contractions, while G runs himself ragged between the hospital, work and home. G was supposed to be resting this afternoon. Instead, he sent out a press release. No, not about Marcy’s contractions.

G has a new CD available. It’s called “Songs of Innocence and Experience.” I’m not sure right off what number of CD this is for him … I have three of his earlier releases, so it’s at least number four. His last one, you’ll recall, was the very fun “Gruesome” that tied in with Gregory Lamberson’s excellent novel. Anyway, the new one sounds really good, too. I’m listening to “Cover Song Blues” right now and it’s really good. A couple of the songs are about what G and Marcy experienced while trapped in New Orleans after Katrina came calling. G’s music is often deeply emotional, but in a heartbeat can turn around and become folksy, bluesy or rocking. It’s good stuff. You can hear some of the new songs on his MySpace page. It looks like the easiest way to buy the CD — or digital download — is through his Web site.

Not to be outdone by her hubby, Marcy saw the release of her second book a few weeks ago. Her previous book is the novel Pain Machine, a dark, agonizing story about a young woman suffering with fibromyalgia. The new one is non-fiction and is all about everyone’s favorite honeymoon destination. It’s called Spirits and Death in Niagara. I have to admit I haven’t read it yet, but she told me about some of the stories she was researching as she was writing it. Here’s the Amazon linkage. Marcy was getting ready to crank up her promo machine when those other two babies — the human ones — started making noise about wanting out of the womb. She can’t do much from that comfy hospital bed, where nurses are tending to her every needs AND sticking her with various sharp objects. She did manage to get some cool extras up on her Web site, so be sure to check those out.

Buy Marcy’s book. Buy G’s CD. C’mon, they’re about to have TWINS!! Can you imagine the diaper expenses??? The formula, the pacifiers, the clothes, baby food, juice, etc … all times two!

I’ll squeeze off just one little personal bit — the galleys for Ulrik were returned to Scrybe Press on Monday. Hopefully we’ll be seeing the book very soon.

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