The Beast Within TOC

Here’s the table of contents for Graveside Tales’ werewolf anthology The Beast Within:

The Claws of Native Ghosts by Lee Battersby
Like Cat and Dog by Michael Stone
Gift of the Bouda by Rick Farnsworth
Hatchet Job by John C. Caruso
Yard Sale by Norma Lehr
Desert Heart by William D Carl
Let?s All Welcome The New Guy by Raoul Wainscoting
Beached by Joel A Sutherland
Needs to be Met by Mark W Coulter
Some Touch of Pity by Gary A BraunBeck
The Night John Fell by Richard Moore
Okie Werewolf Seeks Love by Steven Wedel
The Marine by John Palisano
Lure of the Wolf by Belea T Keeney
SQ 389 by David W Hill
Crop Frogs by Gina Ranalli
Of Silver Bullets and Golden Teeth by Trent Hergenrader
By the Light of a Silvery Moon by Vince Churchill
Colugo Men by Mike Hultquist
The Immaculate Conception by Matt Hults

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