Murdered by Human Wolves is back!

My novella Murdered by Human Wolves is back! The listing went up on today; it’s so new that Amazon hasn’t even gotten the cover image loaded yet. But that’s okay, you can see the cover here.

Cover of new MbHW

3 responses to “Murdered by Human Wolves is back!”

  1. Dear Mr. Wedel,
    Please stop tempting me with such various creepy and horrific lycanthropic goodies. And..and..and…Just stop tempting me! My wallet cries out in pain, my credit card has just pulled up stakes and moved to sights unseen, my paypal account has shunned me in an act of self preservation. We won’t discuss my check book, suffice it to say, the poor thing’s been missing since 1822.
    Oh to hell with the lot of them! There’s something to be said about werewolves and ghost doggies! *gets to shopping!*
    Thanks for the literary candy,
    Illiana Galean

    1. Have I told you how much I love that cover? You know I’ve read the book already, but that won’t stop me from hunting down this edition just as soon as my financial situation stops resembling the sinking ruins of the titanic, minus the lifeboats.

  2. Huzzah!!! The new cover rocks. I’m doing the happy spoon dance for you. I’m excited as well. My book was just reissued with a new cover. It’s so beautiful. We are having good days. Hope to see you at SoonerCon.

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