First stab at a book trailer

This is probably pretty bad. I cobbled it together from various pieces of art, book covers, snatches of text and some free drum loops I found online. I think it proves beyond a doubt that I know nothing about making a film.

6 responses to “First stab at a book trailer”

  1. I think it proves beyond a doubt that I know nothing about making a film.
    The fuck you don’t! That was great! I liked the background music, the images didn’t go by too fast or too slow, and it gave just enough away to whet people’s appetites for more.
    Also, I’m thrilled that ULRIK finally has a set timeline for publication. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it!

    1. Thanks, Ron. I appreciate that. Glad you liked it.
      Yeah, ULRIK is actually supposed to be out March 30, but I haven’t seen galleys yet, so I have my doubts. I’m just hoping it’ll be available before SoonerCon in June.

  2. Pretty good – from Gayleen
    Hi Steve,
    I always forget what my LiveJournal ID and password is, so I’m taking the easy route.
    Actually, I thought you did a very good job for the first attempt.
    I think you need to give the words a few seconds to stay on the screen after they emerge and maybe you could find a way to vary the music some.
    When it was finished, my screen showed coding instructions or something. I don’t know if there is a way to make that disappear or not, but it’s something to consider. (maybe a way to actually click on your website?)
    Have you come up with creative ways to get everyone in cyberspace to watch it? I think it is awesome that you are considering alternative forms of media to promote your books.

    1. Re: Pretty good – from Gayleen
      Hmm. I didn’t get the coding thing.
      I doubt I mess with this one any more. I want to do another one … eventually. I spent too much time working on this one yesterday. Time I should have used writing, ya know. I have some ideas for another one.
      And there’s something else I have in mind that’s a bit different.
      As to getting people to watch it … no clue. I’ve had 13 views since I posted the video. I’ll be watching the YouTube stats and my Web stats to see if traffic is coming over.

  3. Hey, it’s pretty watchable!
    One simple suggestion: Why not add a little more color to the type?

    1. Thanks for the advice. I’ll use it next time. I spent waaaay too much time on that yesterday. It was fun, though. I’m going to see about finding some royalty-free images and maybe do another one later. I’ll color up the type on that one.

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