Werewolf updates

I got some news from Scrybe Press the other day. It looks like the new edition of Murdered by Human Wolves should be out in about 20 days. Ulrik should be released 4-6 weeks after that. This is all very good and I hope it works out that way.

Murdered by Human Wolves, you’ll remember, has a couple of new chapters, an introduction by William D. Gagliani, author of Wolf’s Trap, and stunning new cover art by Kirk Alberts. It’ll be a trade paperback, which should bode well for getting it into brick-and-mortar stores and libraries.

I just got confirmation tonight that Kirk is working on the cover to Ulrik. There was some concern (at least on my part) that he might be too busy to take it on. In his words, the cover will be “grittier” and focus more on the type, and will use The Werewolf Saga logo developed by Deena Warner. I’m thrilled he’s using the logo, and I think the gritty tone of the cover will work well for the story.

In other news, I’ve been invited to be a guest at this year’s TrickConTreat in October in OKC. Last year’s event was fun and seemed to be well attended despite being held the day of the annual OU/Texas football game. This year, the two events will not be on the same day.

4 responses to “Werewolf updates”

  1. Woohoo on all counts!!! I have some folks who were asking about the Murdered by Human Wolves book. I’ll have to tell people it’s available again. HOpe to see you at some of the cons. Are you going to ConDFW?

    1. Yeah, I’ll be glad to have that one back out there. And, of course, I’m THRILLED people have been asking about it! No, I’m not going to ConDFW. It’s the same weekend as Texas Frightmare Weekend and I’m going to TFW.

  2. Releases
    I am glad to hear these 2 books will be out soon. I have actually just finished Shara, and I loved it. I probably stayed up way to late last night trying to finish it before falling asleep. Well it didn’t happen so when the dogs got me up this morning I finished it. I can’t wait to read Murdered by Human Wolves, and Ulrik.

    1. Re: Releases
      I’d say I’m sorry for keeping you awake … but that’d be a lie. πŸ˜‰ I’ll be posting her, at MySpace and my regular Web site when the new books are out.

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