My oldest kid turned 16 on Monday. That’ll make a person feel old. No driver’s license yet. We went to get the permit today, but, despite the Oklahoma City DMV office Web site saying the place is open until 4:45, when we got there at 4:30 the, umm … “gentleman” at the door told us we had to be there by 4:15 to take the test. Man, I wanted to grab the SOB, shake him for a while, and ask why the Web site didn’t say that, or when how they expected working people to get there between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 … grrr … I almost said 4:45 instead of 4:15 p.m.

Today was the last day of the semester at Western Heights High School. Ugh! That means it was benchmark retake day, aka the worst day of the semester, as you have students from four classes taking four different tests, which they want graded before they leave class. That’s a friggin’ nightmare because of the very few scanning stations and the computer programs necessary for grading. But, it’s done. Now I have a weekend to get ready for a new semester. I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem if I did the same old crap every semester, but I’m still looking for what works best. The juniors’ focus for English 3 is supposed to be the persuasive essay, so we’re going to have weekly debates next semester, and most of our literature will be geared toward a major essay. It’s the sophomores that’ll give me trouble. Again. Nothing I’ve done seemed to get their interest.

I feel like it should just now be Christmas break. Oh well. I’ll miss a lot of the kids from this past semester. Out of about 75 kids there are only a couple that I’m really glad to get rid of. The rest, I hope they’ll drop by and see me sometime.

So, remember how I said I was going to work on The Fetch next? Yeah, well, last night I kinda wrote the first chapter of the next Werewolf Saga novel. I don’t know that that’s the direction I really want to go right now, but it did feel good to visit those characters again. I wrote about 1,500 words in about 45 minutes.

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