Why Greg Lamberson rocks

How do you keep 11th graders awake and engaged in school a few days before Christmas break? Show them Greg Lamberson’s film Slime City, then let them interview the writer/director/producer on speaker phone! I have to admit I was pretty surprised by how much most of the kids seemed to enjoy the film (low budget 1980s gore fest!). They were yelling at the screen, laughing at the silly parts, getting grossed out at the climactic … uhhh … chopping. And they got a kick out of talking to Greg about how he made the film. Some claimed to be inspired enough to want to write a movie. Several others want to act in one, and some — inspired by Greg’s suggestion — want to hold a fund raiser to come up with the money to bring Greg to Okieland and make a movie with them.

This was our unit on drama. These kids have already read some Shakespeare. Most don’t like it (any more than I do), but they love movies, so why not study a film? Greg sent us some pages from the script (big thank you to Mrs. Lamberson for scanning the originals!) and we discussed how setting was established, the use of dialogue to advance the story, camera directions, etc. And Greg backed me up on the importance of knowing how to write.

He did it not once, but twice, for my second and fifth periods. Thanks Greg!

and now school is out for a couple of weeks. I have a ton of short essays to read and grade, then a week of benchmark testing, then classes change and I’ll have new students. I’ll be doing things differently next semester. I go from two sections of juniors in English III and only one sophomore section of English II to just the opposite … and some of the sophomores are kids I had in the remedial English I class last spring.

Otherwise, there isn’t much going on here. I’d remind you about this year’s Gift of Lycanthropy contest going on at The Wolf’s Lair message board this month. Oh yeah, and have a merry Christmas, happy Yule, super Saturnalia, happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate around the winter solstice.

4 responses to “Why Greg Lamberson rocks”

  1. You know I had a blast! Thanks for the opportunity to warp young minds other than my daughter’s.

    1. Always a pleasure! I really think they’d love Johnny Gruesome. I’ll have to make sure I get a copy for my classroom library when the inexpensive version comes out. Maybe they’ll steal it, like they do my books. (I think it’s a compliment when they steal mine and leave the Stephen King.)

  2. Greg, that’s really nice of you! Those poor Okie children!
    Steve, you know you’ve just been branded the teacher that is teh cool and they’ll always remember. Good for you!

    1. Oh, maybe. I dunno. They do seem to like the guest speakers. Last year I had a local poet come in (shocked the hell outta my creative writing class) and another class did a phone interview with Deb LeBlanc that went over real well. I’d like to do more of that kinda thing.

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