Tests, pictures and unfinished books

I was soooo close. Western Heights schools were closed on Friday. My kids’ schools were not. Kim had to work. It was my day to have the house to myself. So naturally a transformer on the pole in the backyard blew out. OG&E fixed that amazingly fast, so power was restored. Then I got a call from Amanda’s school. She was (supposedly) sick and needed to come home. I had less than a chapter to finish Inheritance when the phone rang. I haven’t been able to touch it since.

I just finished writing a 100-question test on Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. I’m sure my two junior classes will be absolutely thrilled to get that the day before the Thanksgiving break. hehe  I shouldn’t enjoy writing trick questions so much, but I do. It shows whether or not they’re paying attention.

Leonard Bishop has posted some pictures from the Halloween reading at Galileo’s. Here’s the link. I’m the a hairy one.

Have you seen Beowulf yet? I haven’t. I’d hoped to go this weekend, but haven’t made it. I’m miffed that Grendel’s mother is portrayed as a seductress. I’d say beautiful, but really, Angelina Jolie is NOT beautiful … at least, not from the neck up. Anyway, perhaps the mother was uglified by the monk who added the Christian elements to the Old English poem. Most likely she was a representative of the older earth goddess. At any rate, the manuscript we have of the poem isn’t the original, so we know the tale has gone through changes before, so I won’t get too upset over this film not following any of the good translations I’ve read. I’ve read mixed reviews.

I had my final evaluation at school the other day. I had to have three as part of my residency in the state’s alternative certification program. It went really well. My evaluator said I’ve made great strides in classroom management, which was the one thing she’d criticized me for in the two previous observations. So, now I can go from a teaching license to an actual certificate. No, there’s no pay increase.

One response to “Tests, pictures and unfinished books”

  1. Hey Steve.
    I so wanted Beowulf to be good. Damn you, Hollywood! And you too, Gaimen. Mr. big bad sandman creator. Dropped the ball on this one, didnja? Hard to make a cutting-edge psycho-sexual thing with only four characters, isn’t it?
    Dude, not to push too hard, but the SFRA is looking for papers and topics for 2008. You’ve used Frankenstein in your class. It’s an easy in.

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