Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphs

What does a real live Okie look like? What does he sound like? Here’s yer chance to find out … if you think you can stand it. posted a video of me reading my story “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphs.” You can see it here. However, I have to warn you, THIS IS NOT WORK SAFE! I mean it. Not work safe. There’s redneck humor, lots of cussing, and, ummm … allusion to the myth of Aphrodite. Let’s just leave it at that for now.

Greg Lamberson had this video done at Horrorfind last month. It’s a bit over 21 minutes, so the folks at Fear Zone had to lower the resolution from the high standards you’ll see for most of their author readings. Oh, did I mention I’m the first author reading they’ve posted. Yup. I’m special. You’ll see that if you manage to last through more than a few minutes of the reading. I couldn’t sound more like a hick if I tried. Okay, actually I did try for the bulk of the reading, but the intro and the ending aren’t supposed to sound that way.

In school news, I gave my juniors they’re persuasive essay assignment. They have to take a position on whether or not Disney’s controversial “The Song of the South” promotes racial stereotypes. They developed some strong opinions, now they just have to put them on paper. I look forward to seeing what they say. My sophomores are still slogging through Things Fall Apart, but we’re ready to start Part 3 of the book, and it’s only a handful of chapters. We had to spend some time reviewing sentence fragments and run-on sentences; almost all of them passed the test we took on those yesterday.

9 responses to “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphs”

  1. Hey Steve. I saw this yesterday when Lisa linked to the Shocklines board on one of her recent posts. I thought it was great. I wanted to respond to the Shocklines thread about how no one would guess how soft spoken a guy you are after seeing that, but Greg beat me to it.
    Good job, Okie! (I can call him that ’cause I’m one too, but if anyone else tries it…)

    1. Dude! I ain’t heared from you in a coon’s age! Glad to see you crawl outta the woodwork.

      1. Thanks! Let’s have lunch soon.

  2. Actually, all the videos will look equally shitty regardless of length!
    Greg K (the cameraman) asked me our policy re: language and I laughed him off. Then I heard the piece and almost died–more cursing in the first 2 minutes than I expected in the whole thing! 🙂

    1. Hmm, ya know, I never thought to ask if it was okay to use a bit of foul language. 😉

  3. Love hearin’ that accent again. 😉

  4. BTW – did you ever get my email or PM about football this week? Your email bounced at me – your email sucks.

    1. Does that mean I can’t wait until after the games to send you my picks and claim I sent them earlier but my e-mail just went through? hehe I’ll get them to you early tomorrow.

  5. Lucky you!
    …or maybe not lucky, depending on how you look at it: I’ve been advised to attempt no more than one novel with my sophomores, and I can sorta see why with these kids. Oy, they’re missing out! I’ll just give ’em kickass shorts.
    As for Things Fall Apart: I remember not finishing that from high school. It was terrible to slog through, and I couldn’t keep the names straight to save my life. Plus it was HS, so I was likely preoccupied by art stuff. Good for you for pushing them.

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