School’s in

Students returned to school today. I don’t have much experience to compare it to, but it felt like a really good first day. So far I’m not able to point at any kid and say, “You’re going to give me problems.” That might change as we get into the lessons, but for now they seem to be good groups of kids.

My short class is going to be a hoot. This is the Comprehensive Reading class. Unfortunately they’ve already read one of the books I wanted to assign this block, but we’ll get by. I’m also thrilled to say the department head agreed to order copies of Kim Paffenroth’s Dying to Live to use in class. Not only is it a great book, it’ll fit perfectly with what I want to do toward the end of this block.

It was fun having the kids back, and kinda fun to be teaching core classes. These aren’t kids being held back, or dumped into an elective for the credit. So I get the shy ones, the talkers, the obviously very smart ones and the partiers all together. Every class was an interesting mix.

I just have so many new names to learn now!

In other news, I forgot to mention in the last post that Greg Lamberson had someone videotape me reading “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphs” at Horrorfind to be used on a new Web site he’s involved in. I’m assuming that’ll go up with the big interview he’s lined me up for in February or so next year.

Scrybe Press is tracking down the copies of Seven Days in Benevolence that went astray. I can’t wait to see how the final product turned out. I love Kirk Alberts’ cover on this one. Scrybe also is still talking about a trade paperback of Murdered by Human Wolves, and the publisher tells me he is definitely on track for a late fall release of Ulrik.

2 responses to “School’s in”

  1. Wow, you guys go back crazy early. Our students don’t show up to campus until September 5th. Teachers do, however, have a week of “professional development” beginning the 27th. Still, wow. Good luck!

  2. The Fall is a great time of the year and I hope that it gives you good momentum into 2008.

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