Home from vacation

Oh man, where to begin? We just got home a couple of hours ago. We went to the last day of Rocklahoma on Sunday, the over to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for a couple of days. That was after dropping off the three youngest kids in Enid on Saturday, the day after I got home from the teachers’ workshop.

The concert. Fortunately, we missed Britney Fox. To think that band and Winger, White Lion, etc. can be classified with Motley Crue, Twisted Sister or even Poison is beyond believable. Anyhoo, Steelheart was on the stage when we arrived. Color me impressed. I was only familiar with one song of theirs, the ballad “Never Let You Go,” which I really like (and Kim hates). The rest of their set was pretty hard, making me think I should look into them a little more. Then was LA Guns. They played some good music. None of it was their own, but … Then Jackyl. Damn, those boys put on a show! Good stuff. Then Queensryche. Meh. I’ve never been impressed with them, and seeing them live didn’t change that. I was and am still disappointed Wasp had to pull out. Then Twisted Sister came on and proved they still have it. Dee Snider is a maniac and a lot of fun to watch on stage.

Now then, it has to be said. Ladies, although the bands playing there had their heydays in the 1980s, it is no longer 1985 and you are no longer 18 years old. It was incredibly sexy for you to wear tight T-shirts without bras when you were 18, but now that you’re 40 and, umm, havent’ been taking care of yourself, not so much. And for the woman who danced through every set in just her black bra and pants, ewwwwwwww! When you’re deliberately shaking your boobs and the movement rolls around to the middle of your back, you should find a shirt.

And guys, you should find shirts, too. And pull up your damn pants. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY wants to see the hairy rolls of your back or the dark crack of your ass. And you do not grow wiser as more beer enters your mouth. It’s the opposite, really.

Now, that probably sounds mean, and I have no room to talk in some areas. Sure, be comfortable with your body and all that. But that doesn’t mean strip it down and parade it in front of people who do not want to see it. Or stand in front of them and shake it. However, watching the people is a big part of the fun of these shows, and there were a lot of … interesting sideshows to observe.

Kim and I both got burned at the show. My burn is quite odd, as I was wearing a doo-rag. So I have a sharp line dividing my pale upper forehead from the rest of my dry, red, peeling face. How bad does it look? Well, on the way home today I was doing 70 in a 50 mph work zone and the cop commented on my sunburn before letting us go with a warning, despite not being able to find a current insurance card.

Eureka Springs. Hmm. The Ozarks are still beautiful, despite all the efforts to commercialize everything associated with them. Eureka Springs seems to be a mecca for old people and bikers, and there weren’t that many bikers there Monday and Tuesday. It was an okay couple of days, but nothing great. Sara sent us text messages non-stop, complaining about how bored she was at Grandma’s. Still, it was nice to get away with just the wifey for a bit.

Now, a couple of days’ rest before I go back to Tulsa for Conestoga. I’m not on the program for Friday, so I won’t be there until Saturday morning.

One response to “Home from vacation”

  1. Ewwww, I’m with you on our crowd not realizing the effects of aging…and although I COULD successfully dance around in my panties and bra with minimal complaints by others…I DON’T…because, come on, for cripe’s sake…I’m a mom…I have to be all responsible and shit at some point in my life, and I figure almost 40 qualifies as that point.
    But, it sounds like you had fun! Lots of freaks to work into your next work of fiction! ha!

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