Livin’ on Tulsa time

Here I am in Tulsa, the night before the AP conference begins. I’m in my hotel room, and am alone so far. I still don’t know who my room mate will be. If I tell him I forgot my psych meds, maybe he’ll go request his own room.

Today is Kim’s birthday. Which one, you ask? hehe  Let’s call it the first anniversary of her 39th. That sounds nicer than THE BIG 4-0. Or, does it? Happy birthday, baby! Forty’s never looked so good.

I finished my revisions on The Puppet King before leaving home this afternoon. It came in at just over 70,500 words. Technically, that’s long enough to submit to several fantasy markets. But I’m still hoping to pump it up. Without just padding it, of course.

My goal during this conference is to use my evenings to write a novella a very respected small press has asked for. I finally have a story to tell that will fit the required length, and was just waiting to finish The Puppet King to get started on it. There won’t be anything supernatural in this one. However, I think it might be my scariest story yet. I haven’t come up with a title yet.

It was a hot ride over here. The mighty Kia hasn’t had a working air conditioner since, oh … a few months after the warranty expired, I think it was. Five more months and I can dump that car off on Alex and get me something else. Can you say Harley Davidson? I thought you could. (And right now Kim is saying, “No you won’t!”) I did get me some new HD boots yesterday. That was my reward for not squeezing the heads off any summer school students. πŸ˜‰

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