22 on the 22nd

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away …

I got married.

In fact, it was 22 years ago today that photo was taken. I was all of 19 and Kim was a couple of weeks from turning 18, and just a few weeks removed from her high school graduation. Ah, I was so skinny back then. (I blame Kim for that change; if she wasn’t a good cook, I’d still be thin.) I was working part time carrying out groceries and cleaning floors at a Safeway store and Kim was working part time in Enid’s leading drug store. Hmm. I’ve since had careers as a machinist, journalist, public relations whore and now teacher. Kim is still working in a pharmacy. Which one of us has the stability?

Anyway, not many marriages last 22 years anymore, especially when they start with the participants being so young, so I guess we’ve accomplished something. It hasn’t always been easy going, but it’s been worth it. Happy anniversary, baby.

For any students reading this, I don’t recommend getting married so young. You don’t even really know who you are until your mid-20s. And marriage isn’t a constant sex party. Man, was I ever wrong about that one … haha

For the math impaired, they year was 1985. Ronald Reagan was still president, Guns-n-Roses had not yet recorded Appetite for Destruction and Stephen King was still writing good books. A gallon of gas cost about $1.20, while a postage stamp was just 20 cents. KISS was performing without the traditional makeup (I wish I could say without makeup, but it was the ’80s and even Gene Simmons was wearing blush), and I was just starting to think I might want to be a writer and was submitting really, really bad poetry to various places. Oh, and Enid’s Oliver Magnum was still together and touring. Good times.

Kim brought a 1970 Mustang to the marriage. It isn’t true that I married her for her car, but it was a check on the pro side. I had a 1976 Monte Carlo that she hated. Within a year, the Monte Carlo was gone, replaced by a Cutlass Supreme.

We got married in Kim’s parents’ back yard. It was hot. My one regret is that we didn’t have a professional photographer; Kim’s aunt had a new camera, so she took the wedding photos. Yeah, the one above is one of the best of the bunch; the aunt got mad about something and didn’t take a single photo at the reception. She’s an ex-aunt now. That’s my best friend David Crawford in the background; he was my best man.

For our honeymoon we went to Branson, Mo. Remember, we were working part time. We couldn’t afford a cruise or anything like that. We went to Silver Dollar City and Whitewater, where I got the worst sunburn of my life..

Oh, we’d been “dating” for about five years before getting married, since I was in 9th grade and Kim was in 8th grade.

Now you know more than you ever cared to know about my past.

13 responses to “22 on the 22nd”

  1. Congrats and happy anniversary! It is SO rare for couples who married so young to be able to stick it out. You obviously have something very special. 🙂

    1. Well, Kim does have something special. Me! haha Thanks for the congrats.

  2. Congratulations! 22 years IS impressive.

  3. Nice leg, Kim!
    And congrats!

    1. Hey! Eyes off the leg, Dickie.
      Thanks for the congrats.

  4. Happy Anniversary you two!!! You forgot to mention those 4 beautiful babies! That’s an accomplishment all in its own….4 babies, still married and none of them are in the joint!
    Another on the plus side…I bet Kim can still fit in that wedding gown! Whoo hoo, you go girl!

    1. Yeah, no babies in the joint yet. Give Jacob another 10 years, though …
      I’m not sure she could still fit into the dress. She weighed like 98 pounds back then. Of course, she could come much closer to fitting into the dress than I could the tux.

      1. lol….she sounds like me…my first dress was a 3. I weighed 93 lbs…I just finished making the dress into doll dresses to sell on ebay. lol.

  5. What? Marriage isn’t a constant sex party? Uhm … 😉
    Seriously, congratulations to both of you! You’re awesome! \m/
    P.S. My grandmother used to take me to Silver Dollar City all those yon ages ago. And we used to go fishing at Table Rock Lake when Branson was little more than one street with some old crumbling buildings. Ah, how times change.

    1. Yeah, Branson has changed A LOT over the past … well, many years.
      Thanks for the congrats.

  6. Happy Anniversary. These days, 22 years is damned impressive–here’s to many more.

  7. Congrats, Steve and Kim.
    I would add to your timeline that a few months after that pic was taken I was sitting at Owen Field watching Miami beat up on the Sooners, and have been waiting ever since to have another shot at them in Norman. I’m usually pretty subdued at football games; I don’t do a lot of cheering. But I’ll be a regular madman this year, for that one game at least. Twenty-two years is a long time. A long time for a marriage to last and a long time to wait for revenge.
    Congrats again.

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