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I got a note from Scrybe Press yesterday. There were three major bits of news. First, the publisher said I should have the final page proofs for Seven Days in Benevolence this weekend.

Next, as many of you know, Shocklines.com will be closing sometime soon. Shocklines was a major source for those who ordered the signed, lettered, hardcover edition of Shara. Scrybe assures me that everyone who ordered from Shocklines will get their books. And, hopefully, that will happen soon.

And, finally, I mentioned the many e-mails I’ve received asking about a publication date for Ulrik and was told that it should be available by “late fall” of this year. As we’ve seen, those dates are … fluid, so don’t limber up your wallet just yet.

3 responses to “Ulrik news”

  1. Steve, are there ARCs available for any of these books? We have some space left in the next issue of DR, I believe.

    1. No ARCs, Jack. SHARA was released in standard TPB last year; the limited hardcover has been delayed mostly because it’s the first Scrybe is doing and, I guess, it turned out to be more time consuming than expected. I could send you a TPB for review, if you want.
      SEVEN DAYS IN BENEVOLENCE has been available as an e-book from Double Dragon for a couple of years. The Scrybe version will be just a little different. I could print the proofs and mail those when I get them.
      ULRIK … it only exists in manuscript form right now.

  2. OMG! He’s ALIVE?? Did he say where he has been, or why he has stopped answering all emails?? sheesh…I pretty much consider my book deal dead dead dead with Scrybe, because there has been no communication for at least a year now…which baffles me…I mean, how long does it REALLY take to send an email??
    Good news on your book though. Fingers crossed things actually progress.

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