Bond, OWFI & HWA

Kim and I watched Casino Royale last night. I have to say, that might not be the worst James Bond movie ever, but it’s damn sure the worst I’ve ever sat through. It was slow. It was predictable. It was borrrrrrrring! I had a bad feeling when the pre-credits segment was a total dud, and it really never got better. The highlight of the movie was what? A freakin’ card game? And for those of us who don’t know (or care) how to play Texas Hold’em there was zero suspense to watching the game. Where were the gadgets? The outrageous stunts? I mean, some of the Roger Moore Bond movies were pretty corny, but at least they were entertaining. This movie was a complete yawner and a waste of new release money. I wish I hadn’t called home and given Kim the choice between this one and Infamous. Oh well. At least it wasn’t Napoleon Dynamite.

Those of you who care already knew about the change in Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc. leadership and conference guests. Although I was still getting some OWFI e-mail, I was just trashing it out of general principle because of the plan to have AuthorHouse host the New Member Banquet. Gayleen pointed out to me the other day that the president who pushed for that partnership is no longer at the helm and AuthorHouse was dumped. So, on the last weekend for discounted registration I scrambled and got myself registered for the conference. All the AH stuff aside, the real deciding factor was that the new president (or somebody) got at least one agent who actually is interested in representing horror fiction.

Oh, in semi-related news, I actually got an invitation to participate in the Oklahoma Centennial Book Festival held on the campus of my former employer, Oklahoma City University. I wrote back and told the lady who was nice enough to invite me that there may be elements in he administration that do not want me on campus, but that I’d be happy to attend. I’ll let you know.

Christopher Fulbright today launched the new public face of the Horror Writers Association Web site. Go have a look. I think he did a fantastic job.

2 responses to “Bond, OWFI & HWA”

  1. Yes, changes in office always mean changes elsewhere.

  2. Actually this new Casino Royale was, plot wise, fairly close to what Ian Fleming wrote in the orginal novel. The producers are trying to take Bond back to his “roots”, so to speak.

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