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The other day a friend and former co-worker sent me info on a communications job in OKC. The money was quite a bit more than I’m making now and the employer was interested in someone who had both journalism and corporate writing experience. I didn’t pursue it. I like what I’m doing. I’m not sure I’ve made a difference in any kid’s life yet, but going to work knowing there is that possibility each and every day is nice. That’s something you’ll never have as a public relations whore.

The other day I bought the new special edition of Silence of the Lambs. That is just damn near a perfect movie. It had been a long time since I saw the whole thing uncut. Everything just seems to work. That image after Hannibal escapes and the cops come in to find the Francis Bacon-inspired crime scene is just fantastic. The disemboweled cop hanging on the side of the cage is just so striking. And, of course, it’s a great novel, too. I was lucky enough to grab a hardcover copy before the movie ever came out.

Which just reminds me that I have my own writing to attend to. It’s been too long since I really did anything. A little editing here and there. Tonight, there’s a ton of papers to grade. Spending less time online would help …

4 responses to “Put your own title here”

  1. OT: Steve, Tamar loves that My Space illustration of the vamp (or is she a wolf?) on all fours as much as I do. What’s the story behind that?

    1. I don’t like to talk about it, but I’m a pervert. There’s a 12-stroke program to help people like me, but I can’t make it past the fourth stroke. Seriously, I just wanted to do a promo post, so I went looking for a “doggy-style” picture to go along with the joke. That came from one of those fantasy, glittery sites a lot of MySpacers use, I just removed their link and made it go to my site. I have a better picture, but it, umm … isn’t MySpace appropriate. I’m glad you and Tamar found inspiration in the picture. 😉

      1. You’re a regular Cupid 🙂

  2. Man, now I want to watch Silence of the Lambs again!

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