Scrybe publishes!

I got a note from another Scrybe Press author. Scrybe has published RT Mitchell’s Tattooing Violet. This one was advertised with my Seven Days in Benevolence and John Passarella’s All Heaven in a Rage as an Oct. 2006 release. Show Rick some love and give his book a try.

3 responses to “Scrybe publishes!”

  1. WHOA…..beep beep back up the BUS…Scrybe PUBLISHED something….do you think this means contact will be made with us earthlings ever again?

  2. Can you play the WAR OF THE WORLDS disco/rock opera for the demons?

  3. You know, I’ve never read WAR OF THE WORLDS but after seeing the movie. . . I definitely think it would have scared the crap out of me if I heard it on the radio. As awful as critics say the movie was, I enjoyed the hell out of it although it seemed like they tried to fit too much into a 2 hour flick, so much so that they had to explain everything at the beginning and the end.

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