Top pick, potential upset, and going wireless

I bought a broadband router today. I’m sitting in a recliner, writing a blog and hoping the Sooners will wake up and crush Boise State like they’re supposed to. I suspect the second half will go better than the first; Adrian Peterson gets better in the second half. The wireless is very nice, especially since my little Mandy has been playing Zoo Tycoon on the desktop most of the day. Of course, now the Internet will be a distraction everywhere in the house.

Shara has been named a Top Pick by Monster Librarian. You can see the very impressive list of Top 10 books by clicking here. Doug Clegg, Brian Keene, Karen Koehler, Jeff Strand, Steve Vernon and Matt Warner are all there. It’s very nice to see Shara on the list. I was thinking just today that the re-release hadn’t gained much attention. Dylan, who runs the site, asked about the status of Ulrik, so I sent off an e-mail to Nathan at Scrybe Press, asking about various things, including the hardcover of Shara. If you’re e-mailed me about that, I promise to get back to you as soon as I know something. Sorry.

I wrote out my first week’s lesson plans for my English I & II classes today. Yeah, yeah, I’ve had over a week to do that, right? There’s a lot of material to go over, plus all the resources available on some CDs. It’s taken a while to determine what I have, what needs to be taught, and come up with a plan to cover it. I’m feeling pretty good about it now. I still need to come up with a plan for the creative writing class, which I want to run more like an art class … relaxed and, well, creative.

Kim went back to work today. The holiday break is winding down.

2 responses to “Top pick, potential upset, and going wireless”

  1. Congratulations!!!!!! On the top-10-ige and wireless-ness, it’s the only way to go.

  2. whoo hoo
    Top 10! You rock. Seriously, congratulations!

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