Print on Demand drawback

You may recall I mentioned a while back that I tentatively had a book signing scheduled for Dec. 16 at Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City. Well, now they’ve decided they want me to bring my own books and sell them on consignment. The store will take 30 percent of whatever I sell. That bites. They didn’t do that when Darkscapes first came out from the publisher that will not be named. I sold every copy they ordered for that signing. They didn’t do that when the first edition of Shara came out. Only one copy sold at that signing … the Friday night before the OU/Texas football game. (If you don’t live here, that may not mean much to you, but if you do, you know why that was a bad date.)

Scrybe Press gives me a big enough discount that I could give up the 30 percent and still make some money. Fine Tooth Press does not. Scrybe’s books are distributed through both Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and they are returnable. Fine Tooth Press books are distributed through Ingram; the publisher does not have a return policy, but another bookseller assured me stores can return copies to Ingram.

So, I don’t see why Full Circle is now wanting to do a consignment event.

And I’m left to wonder if I should do it. For those who don’t know, Full Circle is located in an upscale shopping center. Though OKC has a Borders, two Barnes & Nobles and a Books-a-Million, Full Circle is the nicest book store in the metro. Two weeks before Christmas, the foot traffic would likely be a very good thing, although there’s no guarantee anybody will buy, of course. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet.

But that does remind me that I should probably promote my own Gift of Lycanthropy store a little harder. You can order signed, personally inscribed copies from me online.

In teaching news, today was the first day of my week long assignment with a reading class. Fifth hour, the last hour for that class, was pretty bad. I laid out two rules: No talking until everyone is finished with their assignment; No projectiles (had to define the word). I allowed those with MP3 players to listen to music so long as the volume was low enough it didn’t bother anyone around them, and said they could bring their players tomorrow. Both rules were ignored immediately. When the paperclip shot from a rubber band hit me in the chest I said nobody was to bring music tomorrow. Instead, I’ll be providing the music. Yeah, I’m gonna make those rap-lovin’ kids listen to Willie Nelson’s greatest hits for 55 minutes. That’ll learn ’em.

I also had to break up my first fist fight during first hour. Two boys fighting over a pack of gum. How stupid.

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