Horror-Web likes Darkscapes!

Horror-Web, one of the Internet’s best sources for horror news, has given another of my books another very nice review. Darkscapes has earned a four-star write-up from 9fingers in what, I believe, is his first book review for Horror-Web (he usually reviews magazine). You can read the review here.

Because such a stunning review will make your hand move to your wallet, here are some purchasing links to help scratch your itch to buy:

My Amazon.com store, where, if you’re still on the fence, you can buy “One Night in Benevolence” as a 49-cent sampler of my werewolf-less fiction.

Shocklines.com has signed copies, and the book is in the New Voices Guarantee program, so if you dare disagree with Horror-Web, you can return the book and get store credit.

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