Conestoga 10 & stuff

Conestoga 10 was mucho fun. Met up with old friends Chris Fulbright, Angie Hawkes, Craig Wolf & Family, and … well several others. Maggie Bonham did a podcast interview with me that I’m sure will be, ummm, interesting. She also gave me a crash course on podcast audio books that was very intriguing. Definitely something to look into.

I met Deb LeBlanc. Wow. Fascinating lady. She’s running for HWA president, ya know. Hell of an author, too. She read the first chapter of her latest novel, A House Divided, and it was captivating. I’ll have to get a copy.

Stayed up too late Saturday night/Sunday morning going to various room parties before me, Kim, Chris and Angie ended up in me and Kim’s room. We drank. We swapped. We drank some more. (I’m just messing with ya, Ron. There was no swapping. Really. No, I wouldn’t tell you if there was.)

Pretty much every panel I was on had somebody on it who kinda dominated the thing. I thought a couple of ladies on one panel were gonna duke it out. On another, one guy insisted on relating every detail to every book he’d written as answers to questions. Somehow I didn’t get on the one horror panel, and most of the sci-fi people seem to see horror as the bastard child of the speculative fiction herd.

Which is probably why all us horror folk ended up spending so much time together. Which is fine by me. All in all it was a good weekend, and I think Kim even had fun.

Unfortunately, I knew what was waiting for me at the end of it … Monday and the accursed NTPAW conference. I learned a lot today, but very little of it came from the speakers at the workshop.

The countdown to Horrorfind begins in earnest now. Less than two weeks. All horror, all the time!

Anybody else excited about this Meat Loaf news?

9 responses to “Conestoga 10 & stuff”

  1. Not all of us! But then, I also write humor – talk about your bastard stepchildren and in this case, RED HEADED bastard stepchildren.

    1. PS – sorry I didn’t recognize you right away in the party. I would like to know more about the potential fist fight – in private of course…

  2. WIsh I could have stayed up that way one more day to go. Freaking oilfield for you, lots of driving and hurry up and wait.

    1. Oh, and that was me. Stupid live journal logging me out.

  3. The only time I saw you the entire convention was when you were heading out the door on Sunday. Where were you and the other horror leaning writers hanging out?

  4. lmao
    OMG! Chris and I laughed so freakin hard reading this…of course it pales in comparison to the last con report about you, me, Chris and others in a hotel room…lol…and no one is going to kick your ass this time…lol!!!
    Seriously though, was wonderful to finally meet Kim after all these years. She’s as nice as you are! We had a lot of fun talking w/y’all…of course there’s more to the story that happened after we left your room and locked ourselves out of our own room…lol…but that will have to be a private email.
    Glad y’all had fun too, and next time, we owe you liquor! 🙂 A

  5. Hey man … sorry we didn’t get to catch up with you before you guys took off. We didn’t get out of the room until noon. After we checked out we caught up with Craig at his signing, but you were in a panel. We almost went inside, but I was having trouble remaining in an upright position, so we had to go eat and drink massive amounts of coffee.
    Looking forward to FenCon… but I think next time I’ll stick with the beer. Man, good thing I didn’t have any of that Electric Dog Piss or whatever the hell that was at the Meisha Merlin party on top of the rum and whiskey.
    Good to meet your wife Kim. The wife swap was fun.

  6. Of course I’d end up being odd man out in this discussion. Or woman, I should say. 🙂
    Meatloaf! Yea, baby, I’m excited!
    Glad to hear all you guys had such a good time.

  7. “The countdown to Horrorfind begins in earnest now.”
    We’ll feed ya some Canuk booze, and THEN get y’all to swap. 😉 LMAO!
    (Shh! Don’t tell Ron.)

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