We just returned from a Memorial Day weekend getaway. We rented a beautiful cabin in the Arbuckle Mountains (mountainous only by Oklahoma standards) and stayed there for three nights. I had absolutely no idea the area was such a tourist magnet. Lots of Texans came up to God’s side of the Red River to enjoy the view, the Arbuckle Wilderness drive-thru safari and, espeically, Turner Falls State Park, which was so full it was closed when we arrived. That was kind of a bummer because I wanted to see the rock castle located in the park, and the kids wanted to swim. We ended up going to The Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulpher, which was also packed with people. I’m sure the streams running through there are very tranquil when not filled with thousands of tourists.

Anyway, the overall experience was very nice and relaxing. Of course, that could be because I spent so much time sitting in a hot tub reading Richard Laymon’s Night in the Lonesome October. I think Kim and the kids had a good time, too. Arbuckle Wilderness was … something. We opened the side doors on the van so the kids could feed the animals. I was against stopping for the ostriches because I’ve heard they’re not shy about crawling into the vehicle with you. And they are not shy. It was the camels, however, that proved to be the most aggressive. Simultaneously, two camels on either side of the van snatched the cups of food from kids’ hands. That was almost as funny as when I was outside the cabin and saw Alex closing the blinds for the evening. I waited until the last one, then jumped in front of the window just as he was ready to drop the shade. That’s good parenting!

Back to work tomorrow. Earlier than usual because I have to go to a media event in Erick, Okla. Far western Oklahoma. It’s on ocean of wheat this time of year … unless harvest has already begun, in which case I’ll just be drowning in snot.

2 responses to “Vacation”

  1. Daddy in front of the window
    You are an evil, evil man. My own father once donned a halloween mask and stood in front of our kitchen window in the dark while I was washing dishes. I was singing my little heart out, washing along, and looked up. The scream could be heard for miles. 🙂

  2. HA! My parents did mean shit like that too – but they would make us think they were dead or going to die. You’re not so bad in comparison I guess. LOL!
    Sounds like you had a great time!
    Hope you survived the snot river.

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