Darkscapes available now

The new edition of Darkscapes went on sale today at Amazon.com. It’s listed at the cover price of $16.95. Not too bad for 34 stories. They don’t have a cover on the site yet, but if you really wanna see it, you can hope over to my Web site, which I just updated. Keep in mind that Matt will have signed copies of this available at Shocklines.com sometime in the near future.

6 responses to “Darkscapes available now”

  1. Rockin’! And the guy on the cover looks like Jay Lake! 😉

    1. Thanks!
      Fine Tooth Press is a real micro press and I’m not going to make much money from this re-print … but it pretty much puts all that PublishAmerica crap behind me to have this book available again from another publisher.

      1. Here’s wishing you a much better experience than you had with PA!

      2. Amen to that! Good luck, Steve.

  2. It will be mine. Oh, yes, it will be mine.

  3. Will you have copies with you at cons this year? I assume yes, I just don’t want to buy stuff right now as we’re about to move – great way to lose a book in the shuffle! Eesh!

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