I’m a moron

So, last night I returned the proof-read version of “Dead Betty” to Amazon.com’s Shorts program. I included the author questionnaire and the worksheet, all filled out. (There’s a BUNCH of paperwork for this program.) This morning I faxed them the signed contract and the worksheet parts I filled out in pen. This afternoon I get an e-mail saying the story I returned last night, and named on all the paperwork, is not the story they reviewed and accepted.


In the e-mail last month I said I was sending “Dead Betty.” Then I attached the file for “The God of Discord.” What they were accepting was “The God of Discord.” Arrrrrgh! If you’ve been reading here, you know that “The God of Discord” was just published in the Corpse Blossoms anthology. So, not only could I not offer it to Amazon, but they wouldn’t take it, anyway, because they only take unpublished material.


Once upon a time I had so many unsold short stories that the chance of me making a mistake and sending a sold story was pretty damn slim. Now, the only unsold, finished story I have is “Dead Betty.” (Well, the only good one, anyway.)

And what is it with “The God of Discord?” Not only did it win some OWFI awards, then get in the CB anthology, but Amazon was willing to take it, too? Even I never thought it was that good. It also now has enough recommendations to make the Stoker preliminary ballot. Don’t get me wrong … I’m thrilled people like it. I just never considered it one of my best pieces.

Anyway, back on topic. I apologized all over myself and asked the Amazon guy if he’d consider “Dead Betty.” I guess we’ll see.

Tomorrow is the English test. Reading over the study material is a bit intimidating, particularly the essay part that’s 15 percent of the grade. The example gives a short poem, then asks for an essay explaining why the poem works. Poetry. Not really my thing. When it works, it works, but the chances of me being able to explain why are pretty slim. The sample essay for the poem goes into great depth about elements I never even heard of until 3000-level college classes. I’m a bit nervous … but one thing I learned with the last tests was that the study material was more difficult than the questions actually on the test.

4 responses to “I’m a moron”

  1. Bummer! Well, you’re a hit, eh?

  2. That’s a pretty funny mix-up, Steve. At least you know it was no fluke that CORPSE accepted “God”!

  3. I just read “The God of Discord” and loved it! It should be on the Stoker preliminary ballot.
    Of course I know how you feel, since I’ve also got on that’ll probably make the preliminary and, although I think it’s good, it’s not my best. Oh well, take it where you can get it, I guess…

  4. That the suckiest cool thing that I’ve heard . . . in a while.

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