Review panel results

Well. Not only did I not pass, the review panel made an immediate request that the Oklahoma Department of Human Services come and collect my children. Seems I shouldn’t be around anyone under the age of 21. It sure is quiet here without the little boogers.

Or not. (And I actually have three neighbor kids in the house in addition to my own four.)

It took me longer to dress for the review than what the actual review took. She asked me why I wanted to teach, why I entered the alternative certification program, what I could bring to the classroom and what makes a ninth grader different than a senior. Then she said she’d recommend the board approve me and I should expect a letter of approval around Feb. 1.

So that opens up another avenue in the job search, anyway.

9 responses to “Review panel results”

  1. scared the crap outta me there
    I think you’d make a good teacher ( dumber folks do it)

    1. if your still looking for demon/ kukri folk lore my freind suggested here

  2. I hope you get the job, no “teen wolf” stories please. ;>
    2006 will bring you more prosperity.

  3. Excellent news Steve! Way to go!

  4. Good job. I knew you would get it.

  5. Ya know…I just want to check the blog one last time…
    Are you trying to give me a heart attack! What a surreal moment. And, like the fool I am, I read the opening paragraph twice! With my mouth hanging open!
    Congratulations, you evil man. I’m just so damn happy for you!

  6. Excellent, Steve, good for you.

  7. Cool, Steve.
    I need to get back in the lunch rotation before your days are full again.

  8. Yes! Great job! Never had a doubt…

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