Canadians are good folks

Seriously. I have yet to have any dealings with a Canadian I haven’t liked. I’m sure there are some bad ones, but I haven’t found them yet.

The most recent entry in the Good Canadian list is Andrea Bailey, editor of the Waterloo Chronicle newspaper. I let Ms. Bailey know about the Italiano search and she’s offered to help. She’s going to interview me tomorrow and run a piece about Marcy and G, along with a photo, asking people to look for them.

Some day Marcy will kill me for stirring things up so much.

Of course, Marcy and G aren’t the only ones I know affected by Katrina. RJ and Julia Sevin have had to flee to Hell. Errr, I mean, Texas. Their house in New Orleans is (or was) up to the eaves in polluted water. You can help them, and get yourself some good reading material, but pre-ordering a copy of Corpse Blossoms, the anthology featuring me and some other guys like Ramsey Campbell and Bentley Little. Normally I’d send you to Shocklines for that, but if you order direct from Creeping Hemlock Press more money will go to RJ and Julia. The book may be a little delayed because of the hurricane, but it’ll come. And it’ll be worth the wait. Trust me. I’ve seen it.

ConocoPhillips stock rose $3.06 today. I still have stock options from when I worked for Conoco. Soon I’ll have to exercise my options just to buy a tank of their gas.

2 responses to “Canadians are good folks”

  1. Steve I posted a good picture of Marcy and an ok picture of G on Shocklines.

  2. If a rib crushin’ hug kills you, then… yes.

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