Busy Pre-Horrorfind Weekend

Whew! I’m definitely staying busy this weekend. I’m working on graphics and PDF samples from my books to burn to about 50 CD samplers I’ll be giving away at Horrorfind next weekend. I also need to print covers for however many print samplers I have left. I guess it doesn’t sound like much, but I’m doing all this as I watch over four kids. I also need to write an article for MetroFamily magazine now that I’ve completed the interviews.

Got an e-mail from Nathan at Scrybe Press yesterday. Unfortunately, Shara isn’t going to be ready for a Horrorfind launch. But he’s sending me about 50 preview samplers with Gord Rollo’s introduction, the prologue and first chapter, with Kirk Alberts’ cover art so I can give those away at the con. He’s also told me the cover price for Shara will be $15.95. The new ISBN is 1-933274-08-5.

So let’s see … I’ll be giving away bookmarks, my 2005 Free Sampler chapbooks, CD ROM samplers, Scrybe’s special preview sampler of Shara and ARCs of the Corpse Blossoms anthology. I may also have postcards I’ll leave on the freebie tables. Give it all way, sell the books I have, make room in the luggage for all the stuff I’ll end up buying from other people. That’s the ticket.

I’ve also printed a copy of the Murdered by Human Wolves screenplay to take with me. Ya never know. There are no official pitch sessions at Horrorfind, but there are lots of movie people there, and everybody ends up in the bar at some point.

One response to “Busy Pre-Horrorfind Weekend”

  1. Swag is definitely the way to a Horrorfinders heart. We love free stuff!!! Yu’re gonna be a hit at the con! Hehehe.
    I’ll trade swag with ya when I see ya on Saturday (that’s the only day I’ll have swag with me since that’s the only day I’m costuming.)
    I’m giving away bloody squeeze balls, bloody eyeball filled water snakes, sticky hearts, livers and eyeballs.. not to mention candy and other assorted toys, bugs and rings.

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