A review, and “vacation”

I got my copy of The Horror Fiction Review No. 9 today and saw the review of Murdered by Human Wolves. It’s a nice review. Christine Morgan said, in part, “I thought that a story this compelling deserved much more than a scanty 60-some pages. It’s excellently told, but feels sketchy in some places.” Of course, the bit I’d use in promotion is “Spooky and intriguing,” — The Horror Fiction Review.

Several people have actually made the comment that the book seemed too short and/or rushed at the end. They’re right. It should be longer, and once the stuff starts going bad for Katherine it all seems to rush to the end too quickly. Originally, as you may know, Murdered by Human Wolves was written in just over a week and was supposed to be a short story 3F Publications was going to bind and offer as a free chapbook to people who bought Shara through Shocklines. I’ve documented the train wreck that was 3F Publications, so you can figure out why that never happened. (Trivia side note: There exists five copies of MbHW with the 3F label on them.)

After the collapse of 3F, I shopped the manuscript around to a couple of places and Scrybe was first to show interest. I should have lengthened the book, fleshed out the ending a bit. Yeah, like I did in the screenplay version. But … I guess I was just too lazy. And, I was working on Amara’s Prayer and my graduate degree, too.

Damn, I hope Amara’s Prayer sees publication sometime soon. My own life is reflecting that of Milton, the main character, a little too closely at the moment. Although I’m not having an affair with an otherworldly red-head. My agent has sent the book to a publisher I’d really, really like to see take the book, one that recently advertised a strong desire for religious-themed horror.

So, tomorrow at about 9 a.m. we leave for a family weekend vacation at Roman Nose State Park. One cabin. Two rooms. Two nights. Four city kids. Heat index of about 109. Hopefully it’ll be fun, although the older kids are already asking what there is to do other than ride horses, paddle canoes, ride peddle boats, fish and hike. Sitting on the porch listening to the night doesn’t appeal to them very much. They’ll have fun, though. If there’s a pool, they’ll be happy enough.

We’re actually renting a van for this trip since we can’t trust our own. The reservation on the cabin was non-refundable, and we haven’t done a family vacation this year, so there was (almost) no talk of cancelling this trip despite my job situation and the condition of our ride.

Mail just came. Looks like I can test for my teaching license on Sept. 17. That still seems like a long way off. And there’s still a review panel to get through after that. I also got a letter saying I didn’t get a job I suspected I wouldn’t get. I mention this only to say I’ve been rejected by a “Dick House.” Can you imagine growing up with that name? I’m sure junior high was hell for him.

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