The winner is …

Sara picked a random number from my Yahoo group this evening to determine who’d win the copy of Darkscapes I’m giving away this month. She reached pretty deep into my past and drew the number of Bruce from Enid, Oklahoma. Wow. It seems like a lifetime ago I worked with Bruce at a sweatshop called Central Machine & Tool there in Enid. You know those couplings you see on the tanker trucks? We made those. I think Bruce still works there. I dunno. I haven’t seen him in years. But his e-mail address isn’t bouncing, so he’s the winner this time.

I’m still hoping to give away a copy of the new Call to the Hunt next month. If you want a shot at winning, sign up at my Web site (

For some damn reason LiveJournal isn’t letting me type in rich text mode tonight. I take no responsibility for how this entry looks.

I’m feeling a bit better tonight. I slept a good chunk of the day away, inbetween readings of the CttH proofs. Amanda is better and Jacob has moments where he’s better, but overall he’s still droopy and keeps getting a fever. Kim will probably take him to the doctor tomorrow. We’re a little concerned he could be getting ear infections. Probably, though, it’ll be just a cold. Nothing to do but pay that $50 copay and keep pumping him full of fluids.

Overall, the weekend was a real kick in the nuts. I’d wanted to work on so many things, including erecting a shed in the back yard, and instead I spent most of the weekend sleeping, wishing I could sleep, holding a kid who was sleeping, or coughing and moaning on the couch. Next weekend Kim works, so I won’t get much done then, either. Life is a vicious cycle.

One response to “The winner is …”

  1. Just know you’re not alone on the vicious cycle thing. I’ve been wanting to write all weekend, but even right now I’m up at work fixing (that means repairing for all you yankees who might read this) bugs for an application that was supposed to launch last week. I sure hope your family gets to feeling better. Seems like the sickness has been pretty bad for everyone this year.

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