Damn Nazi bastards

One of the things I’m wanting to do in the revision of Shara is incorporate a symbol that certain werewolves will be marked with. Because of the mythology of the Pack, the symbol needs to be something of northern European lineage. I’ve found a couple of runic symbols that I really like, but the damn Nazis used them during World War II. Granted, they are ancient symbols, far pre-dating Hitler, but some neo-nazi groups are still using them.

I’ll probably go ahead and use the runic symbol, but I’m sure some people will see it and think I’m a Nazi sympathizer. But then, some people already think that, anyway.

15 responses to “Damn Nazi bastards”

  1. I say use the symbol anyway. There are still cultures that use the ancient swastika that Hitler and the Nazis appropriated for their own use. It’s frequently a pain in the butt for them, as they have to explain it over and over again, but they didn’t let the symbol’s misuse stop them. The same could be true of the pack of werewolves in your book.

  2. I disagree – there are tons of cool runes to use. You already know what kind of shit this can stir, and I guess you have to decide whether or not you want to deal with that. The link to Hitler is a strong one, and that’s something that I don’t think people will forget no matter how much you try to tie it to warewolves. Personally, I would find the image distracting. Others may find it distracting and offensive – what are you going for here?

    1. On the one hand, I’m going for a symbol the mentor werewolf will brand onto the new initiate, showing that this werewolf is officially part of the Pack. As a brand that would be burned, cut or tattoed, it needs to be a relatively simple design, such as a rune.
      But it’s also meant to be an identifying mark for the series of books. That’s where the concern over the Nazi connection is bothering me. My initial thought was to do what HorrorWench has suggested; Ulrik has already established his hatred of Hitler and all he stood for.

      1. You could do that, or you could come up with your own “lost” rune symbol that’s specific to werewolves.

      2. Will this be seen on the cover or anywhere on the outside of the books? I certainly hope not – judgement before meeting any character is inevidable. If I saw it, I would not pick up the book. Straight up.
        If I read it, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth, and it would be what I remembered about the whole thing. That’s just me. I’d use another rune.

        The “W” or “L” (Lupus) are both fairly simple, or make a variation somehow.
        My two cents.

        1. Hmm. The “EI” and “NG” runes from this set are the same design as the runes I was considering. They were used by Nazi military divisions and, in some cases, are still being used by neo-nazi groups today. It’s not widely known they were/are Nazi symbols — not like the swaztika or the SS.

          1. I’ve seen them, yeah. Make your own. Take a long stick, go out and make one on the ground with long strokes and see what you come up with. Don’t use paper, a pen is too controlled and neat. Use your whole arm and slash the ground. See what you come up with. You know what shape you want, the simplicity, you never know…

  3. actually, you could use it and just toss an Ulrik thought in their about his disgust that the nazi’s DID use it… what? 2 extra sentences? =))

    1. This was my initial plan. But take a look at the second point I made in response to Marcy’s post.

      1. brain. fried. point out the problem with neon flashing arrows please… ulrik hates the nazi’s – use it and use the symbol if you want to =) he can even be relieved that they didn’t use that particular one for their ‘main’ symbol

  4. Lets you and I design a ‘new werewolf rune’ Steven, that sounds like fun. Basically it wouldn’t be any different than designing a logo and I’ve designed more logos than you could shake a nazi swastika at…

    1. I’d be more interested in something unique – something marked by a claw, not this history. 😉

      1. Gotta be something simple. Something that can be carved, burned or branded onto the skin. Kirk is going to send me something. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

        1. Very cool. I tried to make one myself for Pain Machine and they kept getting too complicated.
          That reminds me, I should have an inkling of what should be on the cover of PURGE.

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