As a quick addendum to yesterday’s post … I have to say the food in the hotel restaurant where ConDFW was held really sucked. My chicken breast had gristle in it, the Yukon Gold mashed potatoes they bragged about in the menu were awful. Either mash the damn potatoes, or don’t. Then there were three carrots that were boiled … but not all the way through. And it was horribly overpriced.

But enough of that.

Tonight I knocked off about 1,600 words of a new short story. Originally it was to be called “Howling Death, Triumphantly,” but I think the finished title will be “One Night in Benevolence.” I may offer it to Scrybe Press for inclusion in the paperback of Seven Days in Benevolence, or maybe I’ll send it to the Amazon Shorts program. Either way, I’m hoping it will help boost sales of the novella. Oh, and I don’t think the story’s too bad, either. Thematically it’s similar to my story “Digging up the Past,” but it has a lot more depth to it.

Also tonight I answered the first round of questions in an interview Nick Cook is doing for Meat Grinder Press. He’s asking some good questions, so I’m looking forward to directing you to a good interview sometime soon.

And I see that Kealan Patrick Burke has returned answers to my interview questions to him. That interview will appear at Horror World. Hell, I think that may go live on Wednesday. I need to get busy. That one will be followed by an interview with Brian Keene in April and James A. Moore in May. Great guys and excellent writers, all.

I should provide links to all these guys, but I’m tired. You should look them up, though.

Kim got pulled over on her way home from work tonight. The cop rode up on her ass, swerved over beside her, then dropped behind and hit the lights, making her a bit nervous. He pulled her over and asked if she was drunk. I can imagine the look she gave him! I guess it was enough to convince him she wasn’t drunk, so she got off with a warning for driving left of center. Usually I’m the one getting pulled over for stupid shit like that. But I very, very seldom get away with a warning.

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  1. I’ve noticed some of those Amazon shorts are tie-ins with existing work, so I think that’s a good way to go. I love those things. I usually buy a couple a week.
    Good luck.

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