Something really, really good just happened. But I promised not to tell what it is. Sure made my day, though.

Speaking of having your day made, my old friend Sheri and her husband had their second baby, first son, yesterday. I went and visited them at lunch. Babies are so precious at that age. He slept most of the time I was there with another friend. Soon I get to go home to my kids who are old enough to backtalk, open doors, drag toys all over the house, etc. Congrats Sheri! Ya’ll did real good.

Work has been quite the experience the past few days. Today hasn’t been so bad, mostly because I’ve chosen to simply ignore e-mails that would have goaded me yesterday.

Kim called to say the city left a note on the door saying we have 10 days to remove a garage door at the side of our house. WTF? Yeah, it’s there, dissassembled and neatly stacked off the ground, hidden from the street by a brick outcropping at the side of the house. Whatever. I’ll move it to the backyard. Anybody want to buy a garage door? It was brand new when I took it down last summer to convert the garage to a bedroom. Hell, I’ll give it to anyone who wants to come and get it.

One of our interns made me feel old today. No small feat for her considering she’s a year shy of being half my age. She’d never heard of Iron Maiden. I don’t think she’d ever even heard of an iron maiden. But when I showed her the Killers CD she was at least interested. Maybe I’ll loan it to her when she returns my Dawn of the Dead video (that’s the original DoD).

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