I got a little work done on Ulrik today before Kim went to work. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do much of anything, writing-wise, after she left.

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I’ve given a lot of thought over the years to forming a writers’ group. Lately, I’ve been thinking about it again because, you see, the Horror Writers Association is NOT a writers’ group. It’s a non-profit corporation that is unable to promote its members or allow members to use its logo, good name, etc. in their promotions. This is something I’ve learned as a trustee.

I envision a writers’ group where the members work together to promote one another under the umbrella of the group name. Maybe the members tour the geographic area where they live, doing group signings, maybe hitting libraries to offer workshops, rent tables at conventions under the group name and let members sell their books at the table. Maybe even rent a suite at a convention and have a party and not worry about whether or not a member gets personal benefit from sleeping in the room.

In other words, I’m envisioning a writers’ group without attorneys.

I thought a good name for the group would be Writers of the Macabre and Bizarre, aka WOMB (yes, with the symbolic implications). Our newsletter could be called “The Cord” and it would be okay to announce member news and send the newsletter to book stores and libraries so that people who can recommend books to readers would know about our members’ new releases. Maybe not everyone would have news for every issue of the newsletter, but nobody would sue the group because they got no personal benefit out of the newsletter.

I may start casually recruiting Okies for this group. Horror, fantasy, science fiction and mystery writers. Paranormal romance writers, too. Why not? Maybe, if anybody’s actually interested, we could bring in writers from north Texas and Kansas, too. What do you think? If you’re within driving distance of the OKC metro and are interested, let me know.

Oh, I’m supposed to throw out some disclaimer about how I’m an HWA trustee but my views don’t reflect those of the organization … but if you read all this and didn’t already get that idea you’re probably dumber than dirt and a disclaimer wouldn’t do you any good, anyway. And no, this doesn’t mean I’m leaving HWA or resigning as a trustee, only that I’ve learned the HWA cannot do many of the things I’d hoped it could do for its members. In other words, pretty much my whole campaign platform has been shot down.

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  1. Pretty disillusioning, isn’t it? But hey, you’ve only got three more years of hearing some really great ideas get shot down because someone is worried the organization might get sued.

    • It’s certainly been an eye-opening experience. I’ve already told the rest of the board I’m now afraid to ever wear an HWA T-shirt in public for fear I might fart and thus disparage the good name of the organization.
      I wonder if I’ll get some sort of reprimand for this post.

  2. Hey, if you form your group and need an ancillary L.A. branch, we’ve got a cool little (unnamed) writer’s group here that’d be happy to be part of the WOMB!

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