As if I didn’t already know I’d have my hands full with that daughter of mine …

Alex decided he didn’t want to read all the posts, so choosing the person who would win a copy of either Murdered by Human Wolves or Call to the Hunt came down to Sara. And she was easily bought by the flattery of .    was her second choice, proving that the way to get her attention is to talk about her. (Note to self: Keep her away from silver-tongued boys.) So Gregg, I sent you an e-mail already, but in case you see this first, I need your mailing address.

The winners drawn from my Yahoo group for September, October and November are: Marty, from Florida; David, from Oklahoma (happy 40th birthday, you old fart!); and Ron in Pennsylvania. Thank you all for staying in the group.

It came to my attention yesterday that Yahoo has put up a bunch more hoops that people have to jump through to join a group. Plus, they always put a big ad at the top of sent messages. So I’ve set up a new e-mail account at and will begin migrating the addresses from my Yahoo group to the contacts list for that account and will begin sending my updates from there beginning next year. If you’re a member of my Yahoo group, I’ll transfer you. If you’re not and you want to receive updates, send an e-mail to and I’ll add you. 

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