WHHS Book Club donations

I want to thank all the authors (and publishers) who have sent signed books (and related items) to me for the raffle the high school book club I sponsor will be having as a fundraiser.

No, the raffle hasn’t happened yet. We had to get school board approval, which was really just a formality, but part of the process. We got that now, so the raffle will be schedule for later this month.

If you donated something, you’ll soon be getting a thank-you letter from the club president. If you wanted to donate something but hadn’t gotten around to it yet, it’s not too late (if you hurry). You can send books (and yes, cash donations) to

Western Heights High School
Steve Wedel
8201 SW 44th
Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Again, thanks to everyone who has helped out so far!

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    • Do I want anything? From Carrie Jones? Heck yeah! If you want to send something, that would be awesome!
      I let one of the other teachers read TIPS and she loved it, too.

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