When Heroes Fail

My wife gave me some really nice V-Day gifts — the massive four-disc DVD edition of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead which fills my mouth with zombie drool just thinking about it, and Universal’s Legacy Collection of The Invisible Man films. The Invisible Man is probably my least favorite of the Universal Legacy films, but this was the last one I needed. She also got me Iced Earth’s Days of Purgatory double CD; these guys were in position to become my new favorite metal band until Rob Halford rejoined Judas Priest. Being No. 2 ain’t bad, though.

But my favorite V-Day gift actually came from a lesbian. Get yer mind outta the gutter! Our graphic designer copied an old Mac zip disk I had to a CD. I asked her to do this so I could get into my old newspaper columns. Little did I know there was an old version of Shara on the disk. All the scenes I’d cut were on here, though in a later form in which they are revealed through detached flashbacks.

I told about the find and we discussed my thoughts about putting some of the scenes back in the book for the upcoming re-release by Scrybe Press. Oh, had I mentioned that? Well, yes, I’d discussed a re-release with the publisher at Scrybe some time back and now I feel confident it will happen; has designed a beautiful new cover for the Scrybe edition. Where was I? Oh yeah, the missing scenes. Cheryl wanted me to include those, but I’ve decided not to. They were cut for a reason.

That doesn’t mean they’re going away forever, though. Thanks to the Internet, they will be available to those few die hard fans like Cheryl. When I launch the new site (www.werewolfsaga.com) to coincide with Scrybe’s release of Call to the Hunt, there will be a PDF novella available for download. The novella will be called When Heroes Fail. If you’ve read Shara you know that everyone failed her early on, but you don’t know all the backstory; you haven’t seen her father reject her or the scene in which Mark is persuaded to force their relationship to another level. There won’t be any supernatural elements in this novella. No werewolves. Just a confused young woman. The book will end with the prom and rape scenes that are in Shara.

Putting all this stuff back in the actual novel would just slow it down. Already some reviewers have commented that the book begins slow. I think the free novella download is a good alternative for those few fans like Cheryl who really care about the back story, and it’ll maybe be one more way to hook some new readers.

Work on that new Web site is progressing. It won’t look real fancy, but there’ll be a lot of information there, including a history of the Pack, the legend of the Mother, a FAQ and, of course, information on the books. Clicking the above link now will just take you to my Web site.

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