What I did this weekend

This Firefox thing is weird. Sometimes it won’t let me click in this message field to begin typing.

Mostly I filled holes in the backyard this weekend, trying to level out
the area where I’m building a 10’x14′ shed. I brought home 800 lbs of
dirt in the back of the minivan on Saturday to go with the 240 lbs I’d
already put down. I’m getting there. The people who lived here before
us had big dogs that apparently liked to dig. And the sewer line was
replaced. The backyard is a mess.

This evening I heard Jacob crying outside, so I went to check on him
and I found Alex carrying Jacob home from Alex’s friends house, two
houses down from us. As I step onto the porch, a pickup with at least
four guys in it, two in the cab and two in the back, stop and start
asking Alex something. Stunned, I watch Alex step off the curb, still
holding Jacob, and go up to the truck. He shook his head and walked
away, bringing Jacob to the yard. I inform him that walking up to a
truck full of strange men is not the smartest thing to do, adding that
they might have decided to grab him and Jake and take them down to
Mexico to sell as sex slaves. To which he responds. “Cool. Would I get
money?” Rather than slap his face to the other side of his head, I told
him, “No. You’d get bent over a barrel and screwed up the butt
repeatedly between beatings. Would you like that?” When I told Kim
about it, she informed me I didn’t need to be so graphic. Damn teenage
cockiness. Anyway, Kim and I read Alex and Sara the riot act on talking
to strangers. Again. I’d have expected that kind of stuff from Sara,
but I never would have believed Alex would have gone right up to a
vehicle full of strangers like that.

Earlier this evening, we went to Western Sizzlin’ for dinner and I
realized just what a flirt Jacob is. He’s a friendly little guy.
Tonight he was talking to several people as they passed by our table
and, because he’s so cute, they’d always stop and talk back to him. So
I got to watching for people approaching the area of our table. Men
passed without comment. Women and girls, however, always got a “Hi”
with a wave and a smile. If they paused long enough they’d get Jake’s
standard, “My name Jakie. What your name?” Oh, he’s gonna be one to watch.

I watched the Message Board of the Damned die. This was one of the top
three message boards I visited, though I didn’t post often. It recently
changed ownership, then a whole bunch of bad shit went down with
members fighting with each other. I stayed out of that stuff —
something I used to not be able to do. One moderator broke off and
started a new board, and then suddenly MBotD was gone. It’s kind like
finding the seedy little bar you went to sometimes has suddenly closed.
You can go to another, one you might even like better, but the
atmosphere of the questionable joint won’t be repeated.

And finally, I agreed to let Eloy Edictions of Augsburg, Germany, publish a German-languish edition of Murdered by Human Wolves.
The book won’t be out until 2007, but I’m really excited about this. My
great-grandparents came to America from Germany, and my werewolf
mythology has its roots in Germany, so there’s a strong connection,
though I’ve never been to the Fatherland myself. This is my first
foreign-language sale, too.

Well, I’ve been writing this in hopes a certain author would return the
interview questions I sent her so I can finish the Horror World
newsletter. But, I guess she got busy, or forgot, or something. Not her
fault. I waited until the last minute to ask her to do the interview.
Anyway, I’m very tired, as Jake wouldn’t let me sleep last night, so
I’m off to Sleepy Town for a few hours before it’s time to return to
the day job.

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  1. Reading about Alex approaching that truck with Jacob in his arms gave me the chills. You asked what the definition of horror is? That’s it, right there. I’m sorry to say, but I do agree with your graphic scare tactics. At thirteen you feel invincible in your innocence. If that’s what it takes to shake safety measures back into place, so be it. I trust no one.
    Jacob sounds like a little doll. He likes to flirt? You know, they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Ha, ha, ha.
    Congrats on the foreign language sale. Now that’s what I like to hear.

    • Mostly me, though I had Alex and his friend with me on the 800 lbs load. They helped load the 20 lbs bags into and out of the van.
      Are you calling me a flirt? Me? hehehe Well, women no longer find my enthusiastic “Hi” and wave as enticing as Jake’s. He is a little doll. Until you piss him off.

      • Ha,ha,ha. As the Italians would say “an angel with horns”.
        That’s alot of hauling and some work out! He’s a good kid to help.
        Nah, you’re no flirt. And the sun rises at night. LOL

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