What I Did this Weekend

Drove to Enid and back. Twice. The kids stayed the night Saturday so Kim and I could go to ‘s party. He’s one of Kim’s co-workers who is losing his job as NeighborCare is taken over by Omni(don’t)Care. It was actually a lot more fun than I expected. Tapestry and his roommate, Taz, are local performance poets, martial artists and punks. Well, Tapestry is a punk, anyway. Punk as in music. Tapestry performed a couple of his poems … or, one and a half, maybe, since some assholes wouldn’t shut up during the second one, and he read one of Taz’s. They were much better performed live than read off the page, I have to say. You can see him live most Wednesday’s at Galileo’s Bar and Grill. Lots of conversation, plenty to drink and a very, very intersting conversation with Taz.

The past couple of evenings have been perfect early fall dusks in Oklahoma. Coming home this evening, for instance, on US 64 east of Enid there are several ponds beside the highway. There was absolutely no wind, which is a rarity here, and the water was like a mirror, reflecting the trees on the shore and the orange sky above. It was very nice. Would have made a nice picture, but I didn’t have a camera and have never been very good at evening landscape photography, anyway.

What else did I do? Umm … not much. I did finish a chapter of Ulrik that I started about two weeks ago. That’s all on the laptop, so no word meter tonight. My laptop is old. That used to not bother me so much, but now that the floppy drive on my desktop seldom works and the laptop only has a dial-up modem and can’t read my rewritable CDs, it’s become a major operation to transfer data from one computer to the other.

I did some other work, but I won’t go into that. My friend Kimber might tell you about some of it, though. hehe  I’m … hosting her Web site for her.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to the Monday blog looking at something to do with horror, or writing in general. Kim has made a topic request, so I’ll probably write about researching.

A snatch of poetry came to me last night as I was brushing my teeth. It won’t go away, so I’m probably supposed to do something with hit. Where will you be / When the sunlight dies / And the maggots turn to flies? Umm-umm. That’s what I like to think about when I’m brushing my teeth.

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  1. I checked out your friend Kimber’s site. Her book sounds very interesting. My favorite subject matter: werewolves. I wish her the best of luck getting it published.
    I also got quite a kick out of her biography.
    Everyone! Go check it out. Now!

    • Yeah, Kimber is a nice lady. A bit bubbly, but enthusiasm is a good thing, I guess. She likes werewolves, but is a little nervous on the Internet.

      • Well, as a personal friend of yours we’ll just have to make her feel right at home and show her there is nothing to be nervous about. Maybe. I’m not too sure with all you guys who hang out ’round here. LOL
        Anyway, I do hope to see her book published in the near future.
        You’re a good guy to help her out and host her website.

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