What happened to my week???

How is it already Thursday night? What happened to the days between
Monday and now? Oh yeah. I was feeding kids. I swear my youngest
daughter is just a tapeworm with huge gray eyes and the sweetest smile
ever. Sounds great, unless you’re trying to work and are constantly
interrupted by “Daddy, can I have …” And the … is always food or
drink. And yet she’s a bony little varmint.

Where was I? Oh yeah. The week slipped away. Tomorrow is the Red Dirt Book Festival and, naturally, I’m not prepared. Well, not as prepared as I’d like to be. I do have books, though! Barnes & Noble is the book seller for the festival. Apparently they ordered copies of Murdered by Human Wolves directly from Scrybe Press
(have to, since it’s a chapbook), but Scrybe lost the contact info in
some storm damage, so they mailed the books to me. So, I have books.
Which already puts me ahead of last weekend.

The good folks over to Maximum Metal
magazine are putting together some interview questions for me. I’m not
sure when that’ll go live, but you can bet I’ll announce it here. They
also asked me to particpate in another “One Question” column. The
question was: What is the scariest metal album? Hell no I won’t give
you the answer here. Go visit the magazine’s site. Go on. It won’t hurt
you. Much. I don’t think the new column is posted yet, though.

I’ll be the guest in Message Board of the Damned’s
author chat on December 12. The chats are at 6 p.m. MST. I reckon
that’s about 7 p.m. Okie time. This is free, open to the public and all
you need is a Java-enabled browser to join the fun. Many thanks to Nick Cook for asking me to be a guest.

And, I’ve agreed to my first appearance for 2006. I’ll be speaking to the Kansas Writers Association
in Wichita on April 15. That’s pretty much all I know about that one so
far. I am hoping to do at least one convention before that date, but,
like … I need to secure some full-time employment before making too
many plans.

I finally got to read the entire article about me and Craig Wolf in this week’s Oklahoma Gazette.
I have to say I’m a little disappointed. The interview was done via
e-mail and I submitted six pages of information, but not much of that
actually made it in. Oh well. I’ve done enough newspaper work to know
how that goes.

Speaking of interviews, I just submitted the October issue of the What’s on Board newsletter for Horror World. My “Hot Presses, Cool Books” column for this month looks at Nocturne Press. The “Home, Home on the ‘Net” column explores Marcy Italiano’s
Web site. Mucho thanks to Marcy and Eric Hamel for their willingness to
be interviewed. Especially Marcy, who agreed to it at the last moment.
Yeah, the time thing. It just slipped away from me. Anyway, here’s a link you can visit to subscribe to the free newsletter. Some feller named Brian Keene will be featured in an upcoming “Home, Home on the ‘Net” column. You won’t want to miss that!

Speaking of which, I still have a few things to do in preparation for tomorrow. Ya’ll come see me at the Red Dirt Book Festival. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s all about mysterious Oklahoma.

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  1. Red Dirt
    It was nice seeing you today. As usual, things were hectic. I stopped by and bought a copy of Murdered by Human Wolves and couldn’t find you to sign it. Looking forward to reading it!
    Confirm you are a human? LOL.

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