Werewolves have new den

Yesterday on Oklahoma Live, broadcast by KSBI TV, I announced who will take on publication of The Werewolf Saga. I’m very proud to say that the Saga’s new home is with Graveside Tales, and I’d like to thank Dale Murphy for adding my books to his excellent line-up.

Some details are still being firmed up, but I can say that Dale plans a revamping of the company and The Werewolf Saga will figure prominently in that. The plan at the moment is to re-introduce Shara and Ulrik first in serialized novella forms, then as restored full-length novels, followed by the first ever release of the new novel, Nadia’s Children. There may even be some collector’s editions somewhere in there. This means the opportunity for multiple pieces of art, which I’m very excited about.

All the books will be available electronically, and I’m hoping for audiobook releases, too.

When might this happen? Dale hopes to begin releasing the novellas this summer. Stay tuned for more information.

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