Werewolf Saga site gets a facelift

I’ve been talking about the overhaul of The Werewolf Saga Web site for quite a while now. Well, it’s finally happened, and is live and ready for your viewing at the same domain, www.werewolfsaga.com.

Many, many thanks to Marcy Italiano for the site design and Deena Warner for the new logo. These are two very talented ladies, and they both do incredible work for amazingly affordable rates.

Some of the new things you’ll find include:

  • Fewer typos!
  • A “history” for the logo
  • A teaser for Ulrik, the next book in the Saga
  • And a message board (mostly) dedicated to the Saga and werewolf discussion (please, somebody post there so it doesn’t look like I’m talking to myself!)
  • A link to the Gift of Lycanthropy store
  • A link to my e-mail newsletter

Yes, it’s a veritable cornucopia of my ego!

If you follow the Gift of Lycanthropy link through to the CafePress shops … well, those are still works in progress. And yes, the bland design of Gift of Lycanthropy is my own doing. Hey, it ain’t pretty, but it’s functional.

Go on and visit The Werewolf Saga now

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    • Hey! Sorry for the delay in responding. Things have been a bit crazy.
      Soonercon went pretty well, I guess. I didn’t sell any books from my personal stock, but it looked like Best of Books sold their copies of Call to the Hunt. Passed out a lot of bookmarks, so maybe people will hit the Web site and buy later. If I don’t sell a bunch of my own stock it’s just hard to judge if a con appearance was a success or not. Web site hits are way up this month, but I suspect that has more to do with MySpace promotions.
      Poets? Money? hahahahahahahaha Oh. Sorry. I’ve yet to meet a poet who earned much of anything from his/her art. Any money, anyway. I’ve heard of a couple who have scored 20-year-old girlfriends, though …

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