Werewolf in a bonnet

Horror World just posted a nice new review of Call to the Hunt, written by Steve Vernon (). My favorite line is: You can’t go very wrong with a werewolf in a bonnet.

Steve, if you’re reading, you’ll eventually get to spend more time in the Revolutionary War era with Ulrik. He’ll think back to that pretty often in the sequel, Ulrik. But all of the paranormal historical romance Heart of the Wolf is set there. Of course, they just kinda need to be completed and published first.

I’ve done more this morning than I have in weeks. I went to the Moore Police Department and got myself fingerprinted. Part of the process for my teaching license. I’m not thrilled my prints will be on file now. I mean, I probably should call off that bank robbery I was planning next week now that the cops have my prints. (That’s a joke, folks.)

Following the fingerprinting, I went down to Norman and flashed ID to complete my unemployment claim. I so do not look forward to the weekly filing of my claims. OCU will get dinged now. Hopefully I’ll find a job soon. Haven’t I been saying that for a while?

I got some work done on The Puppet King this weekend. I’ll do a word meter this evening; I probably added as many words as I deleted. I’m about to wrap up the first segment of the book, then we’ll move on to the part involving mutant reptile-men and zombies. That’s where I’ll really be adding words.

Yesterday I got Sara and Alex to pick the winners for my monthly drawing. Yeah, I was way behind. We picked winners for four months. I’m still waiting for one person to respond with her mailing address, but the winners are: May, David Solow of California; June, Carrie Bezet of Florida; July, some guy named Craig Wolf from right here in Oklahoma; and August is Cheryl Nazarro from New Jersey. Carrie, if you’re reading this, check your e-mail. The books go in the mail this afternoon for Dave and Cheryl.

I’ll be giving Craig his book next week when Doug Bentin of The Oklahoma Gazette takes us to a pre-screening of The Skeleton Key, then interviews us about our new books, horror, small press, etc.


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    • Re: Good luck on the job search
      Thanks! Yeah, unemployment can be useful. Silly utility/mortgage/credit card companies don’t care where the money comes from, so long as I keep it flowing their way. 😉

      • Newbie!
        You know, I’m laughing because I remember the first time I was unemployed. It took months and months for me to file and that was so stupid. I should’ve taken my money and ran then. If I had known then what I know now!

        • Re: Newbie!
          Newbie? Ha! This is the third time in 10 years I’ve filed for unemployment. In both previous instances I believe I drew “benefits” for as long as I was eligible and, in both cases, ended up with very short-term low-pay jobs for a few months after unemployment payments ended.
          I’ll once again be drawing the maximum Oklahoma will allow per week, which is way less than half my previous salary. But if I write a freelance story and get paid $50, I’m supposed to report that and they’ll deduct $50 from my weekly allowance of $292. For someone who was barely making ends meet before, that’s just crazy how they won’t allow you to have more than $292 per week while drawing unemployment.

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