Weekend update

Progress on Ulrik:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
88,591 / 100,000

I also targeted 20 local businesses to receive the first round of pitch letters for my PR business venture. And I finished getting a story ready for submission to Weird Tales Magazine.

Watched several movies this weekend, beginning with Grizzly Man on Discover Friday night. It was … interesting. I think Timothy Treadwell was a bit cracked, but the fact he was able to live with the bears for as long as he did is pretty amazing.

Then we watched The Legend of Zorro and The 40-Year-Old Virgin on Saturday. Zorro was fun, though not as good as the first one. I’ve liked about everything I’ve seen Antonio Banderas do. And Catherine Zeta-Jones is still pretty hot. (Hi, Kim!) There were just too many things I couldn’t believe in this film. And there was something historically wrong, though I can’t remember now what it was. Virgin was just damn funny. Probably the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long, long time. If I pay new release price for a comedy and don’t feel cheated, it’s a good thing and I think we definitely got out money’s worth for this one.

No real comment on the Super Bowl. I don’t particulary like or dislike either the Steelers or Seahawks, so I was just hoping for a good game. It was mediocre. I was a bit disappointed in the Stones’ halftime show. Mick Jagger couldn’t seem to keep up with the music, or something. I’m just glad Keith Richards didn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions!

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  1. I ultimately had no sympathy for Treadwell, which hurt my final impression of the film, which certainly had poerful moments. I don’t think he was crazy, but he was careless, and selfish, and lost his perspective; he definitely got his girlfriend killed.
    I love how she was around when he pretended she wasn’t. amd how he was “the only protection” the bears had–except the one time he could have actually protected him!
    A lot of suspense every time he smacks a bear, though…

  2. Something historically wrong
    The Confederate soldiers. You failed to mention that Catherine Zeta-Jones is the only reason you got the movie in the first place. But I forgive you for it since Banderas isn’t exactly hard on the eyes. 😉

    • Re: Something historically wrong
      Oh yeah. That’s right, dear. The soldiers. It had been stated eariler that civil war was unavoidable (hadn’t begun yet, though), then there was a Confederate army buying nitro. There was no confederate army until the war began.

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