Wednesday 13

Okay, yesterday somebody on my Friends list mentioned buying Wednesday 13’s latest CD, Transylvania 90210. I’d never heard of them, but was interested, so I poked around on the Web until I found a video for the song “I Walked with a Zombie.” I loved it and went out and bought the CD today and the whole thing is great. It’s like … Poison mets Rob Zombie via Marilyn Manson at Alice Cooper’s house.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember who it was that mentioned the band and haven’t dug deep enough to find the post. So, dude, if you read this, you got the band a new fan.

If you haven’t heard them, check them out. Lots of fun.

Today I’ve been reading and editing the MbHW screenplay. I’m about done. Gotta get back to it. I just got on the Internet to show Alex and his friend the Horrorfind guest list.

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    • That is one HELL of a good CD. I’m glad you blogged about it. It’s been a long, long time since I found a CD with so many killer tracks on it.

      • Really?
        Surprises are what keeps things interesting.
        Guess we both have something to look forward to then. I”ll let you know. You should know by now, whether it be books or music, if someone says it’s great, I have to have it. That’s my confession of guilt for the day.

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